04 December 2008

warren g. harding: robot.

i was going through drawings and i think im going to do my alternate history comic where FDR has a kick ass wheelchair and aids the allies with his rocket launcher legs. i worked on it a lot when i worked at portillo's and had a shit-ton of time to get paid to draw at my desk... but then i got fired for being incompetent (don't worry it was on purpose) and now work where i cant sit around and hide in a cubicle. it's cool though, i get to talk to people about zombie movies and get paid half of what i used to. i'm starting school again in january, so that'll gimme some time. im lazy.
so anyways, back to the FDR comic.... its about FDR...blowing up nazis.

i came downstairs to put shorts on... not sure how i ended up typing this. anyways, to the left of here theres some sketches i did a while back of stalin, fdr, stalin dude, and winston churchills. sort of. i'll redraw them in the morning probably. i have to work all week. this sucks. so here's some more drawings from my sketches.
this ones a little dull, but its hitler... shooting fire from his hands or something. SEIG...HEIL!

anyways, i just got a bluray player and watched the thing for the first time in a while... so good. go watch it right now... i also got elf, batman begins, dark knight... umm. and a couple others. all were pretty decent. watchable.

im gonna go lay on the couch.


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